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Releasing The Bonds That Bind

Energy Clearing & Healing Package


  • Are you feeling stuck and no matter how much ‘inner’ work you have done, nothing has changed?

  • Is there something in your past you just can’t seem to release?

  • Do you need help with healing your Inner Child?


Using my intuitive gifts, I gently guide you on an inner journey  to help you start healing your emotional and spiritual wounds and to create clarity so you can transform fears and limiting beliefs into alignment with your true self.

This package is perfect if you are clear about what it is you need to heal and release or if you just need a ‘tune up’ in a certain area of your life.  




  • 1 call to discuss where you are struggling and what you feel you need to release (30-45 minutes) 

  • 1 Energy Healing which includes a grounding meditation, a guided meditation where you have a conversation with a part of yourself and then energy healing involving cord cutting and chakra balancing among other things.(approx 2 hours)








About cord cutting:

Energetic ‘cords’ develop between you and the people you come into contact with. You can develop cords with coworkers, through interactions on the phone, over the Internet, in fact, with whatever or whoever you give your attention to.


All our thoughts, beliefs and feelings are transmitted through our aura, our energy field. When two people are interacting, their energies are also interacting and feelings can be ‘shared’ via energy cords between them. Some people’s energy is so amazing and wonderful that you feel uplifted just by spending time with them. Other times, you feel drained, grumpy and perhaps walk away with a headache after interacting with others.

Some cords drain our energy, fill us with doubt and anxiety and can make it difficult to move forward in pursuing our dreams. This helps to explain the frustration of “I know what to do, so why am I not doing it?” that so many feel.


Through working with many people I have discovered that often, the trauma has an energy of its own too. Therefore, there is a cord between the person and the trauma as well as between the person and the individual who caused the trauma. This is also true in terms of places, for example a house or a city, and other emotions such as fear. I am able to cut all types of cords and then balance the energy of the chakras. Using my intuition to guide me, I work with whatever is revealed or uncovered during the session.


Cords vary in size from little wisps to thick tree trunks. Even the wisps disrupt our energy but the bigger the cord, the more disruption it causes in our lives. Cords and the resulting chakra imbalances, can lead to anxiety, rage, anger, frustration, low energy, physical pain and an inability to ‘shake’ something because the energy is not ours or at least not ours alone.


What I do, I’m told, is nothing short of magic.


I’m able to go into your energy, see the cords, cut them, and trace them back to your chakras. I gently pull the cords out of your chakras which then releases whatever has been holding you back.


In my clients’ energies, I have seen, oceans of tears and frustration, sticky black inky rivers of fear and pain, chains of doubt, littered with question marks, swallowed and hardened resentment, fears and tears in the shape of hard blackened metallic balls and anchors, and sharp, black stones of anger.


I have also seen little golden keys that fit inside the heart chakra, proving that we do indeed have the key to our own happiness and love…it just gets lost sometimes.


My role is to help you to release all of that. Following this release, I balance your chakras and fill the ‘wounds’ with healing energy and love.

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