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Who Are We

Inner Journey 2023 Waitlist

This is the waitlist for the Inner Journey 2023 program. Please sign up to find out when the program will open for next year.

The Inner Journey program is a 1 year program, taught 100% live. It was created with the intention that those who join the Inner Journey will find their sacred flow, hear the whispers of their soul, and learn to nourish and love themselves. As a group, we will walk together along this path supporting and being supported as we all rise!


We start at the beginning - our roots and foundation. This is such an important place for it is the seat of much of our discontent. We ground into ourselves and into our strengths and release layers of fear, pain, negative self-beliefs and more.


We then work our way up, building upon that foundation, getting clear on what we really want, who we really want to be and learning to love ourselves, our bodies, and our lives.


Interwoven through the year is our own sacred magic (our intuition) that allows us to connect with ourselves and the Universe. It allows us to speak our truth, set boundaries and step outside the box as we learn to savor life.


Are you ready to become the most amazing version of yourself? Are you ready to watch your life grow and expand in ways you can't yet imagine? This is going to be an incredible year!

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