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Dare To Be Awakened

Facebook Group


I created this group so women could have a safe place to explore and open up their woo.


“Woo” is your inner voice, your intuition...your inner knowing, or 6th sense. It’s what connects you to your guides and the universe or something larger than yourself. It isn’t life with a side of woo, but rather woo IS life.


Going through the world using only your 5 senses and ignoring the 6th means you are cut off from your own magic. By connecting with your woo, you open up your life…. no longer just responding or reacting to life thinking you have no choices. Instead you know you create it.


And there is power in that knowing.


If you aren’t happy with how life looks or feels, you can change it. What you focus on grows. What you put out into the world is reflected back to you. What is going on in the inside shows up in your outside.


This group is a safe place to ask questions and receive support. To celebrate the wins and shifts that will take place but also to share the doubts and fears that may come up as you connect and open yourself up to your intuition.


So, if you are ready to shift your life, Welcome!



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