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Awaken Your Magic
1 Hour Session

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I absolutely love working with my 1:1 clients. Women work with me because they are called to make a change.

Sometimes we have to redefine ourselves due to our shifting life circumstances or just a stirring in our hearts, a call to be MORE of ourselves. It’s not unusual to get lost in the roles that we have taken on over our lifetimes; daughter, mother, wife, care provider, boss or dedicated worker ... whatever they may be, we may have spent more of our time giving of ourselves than taking for ourselves.

At this time, you may not be quite ready to invest in a 1:1 program, or you just need guidance for a small issue in your life not a major change.

So I’m thrilled to offer a new 1 hour session option to help guide you.

These sessions are for women who are ready to wake up the M A G I C inside themselves.

Are you ready to listen to and trust your intuition?

Are you ready to say ‘yes’ to yourself?

Are you ready to start living life on your terms, not ones previously defined for you?

1 hour - $333

Zoom call recorded for you. Journal prompts if desired to help you continue shifting, plus cards read during the session.

Are you ready to awaken your own unique magic? 



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