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A Story Of Intuition

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"Today I write this testimonial of Sofia's healing a changed women. I came to contact Sofia Molnar through a recommendation. Have you ever felt like you are dancing on the brink of greatness, that you can almost touch it but something is holding you back? well for me that invisible rope holding back was years of child hood bullying. I was always sensitive, born seeing and communicating with my guides and angels. But In the end you allow people in...i became shy, closed down and in the end angry. I have been healing and releasing all my life....but after my profound healing session today I now know I am free of my past burdens, I feel taller and lighter and like a huge weight of invisible burden has been lifted off my shoulders. If anyone here is sitting on the sidelines wondering why you are being held back, talk to Sofia. Mine mostly happened to be what I thought was holding back, but i gather a lot of the time its surprising what comes up that is restricting you. I am an uncaged women out world I am ready to fly. Thank you Sofia"

                                         ~ Katie Dennington, UK

Meet Sofia

I’m Sofia Molnar, Spiritual and Intuitive Life Coach and founder of Dare To Be Awakened. Let me share a little of my journey so that you will understand why I’m so passionate about what I do!


In 1998 I was living and working in Vancouver, in an ordinary relationship and living an ordinary life. Then one day, I heard a voice in my head  telling me to move to Japan. You have to understand something, I never intended to leave Canada much less move to Japan. I had zero interest in Japan and I spoke no Japanese. I tried to ignore the voice because it seemed so crazy! But try as I might, it wouldn’t shut up and within 6 months of hearing that voice, I had a job lined up and I had moved to Fukuoka, Japan. I had no idea what was in store for me but it was the start of an amazing journey.


More than 23 years later, I’m still here in Japan. I’m married to my wonderful and tall Japanese husband who has been my rock and a big supporter of my dreams. He helped me with my first 2 businesses and loves the fact that this business is helping others.  


Connecting with my higher-self, my guides, the universe and learning to listen to my intuition has been the key to creating this amazing life I live. Not only in 1998 but every time my intuition guided me, my life changed for the better.


My path has led me to becoming a Spiritual and Intuitive Life Coach, healer and teacher and I started my free Facebook group, Dare To Be Awakened, to show women how to connect with their intuition themselves.

My experience taught me that if we can learn to connect with, trust and take inspired action based on our intuitive hits, we can change our lives. It means we are no longer just responding or reacting to life thinking we have no choices. Instead we learn that we create our lives ourselves, with our thoughts, our beliefs and our actions. There is power in that knowing, in fact it changes everything.


Through my various courses, coaching, oracle card readings and energy healings, I have helped hundreds of women peel back the layers and discover themselves. They’ve healed and released the blocks holding them back enabling them to move forward in their lives, their relationships and their businesses.


I’m passionate about this calling, and being a part of another woman’s healing journey is a great honor for me. I wish this healing for all of us, we deserve to live life as our fullest and most joyous selves!

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