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I help women learn how to trust themselves and connect within so they can shift from dreaming of their potential to living it.


I’m Sofia Molnar, Spiritual and Intuitive Life Coach, healer, teacher, artist and founder of Dare To Be Awakened. Let me share a little of my journey so that you will understand why I’m so passionate about what I do!


In 1998 I was living and working in Vancouver, in an ordinary relationship and living an ordinary life.


Then one day, I heard a voice in my head  telling me to move to Japan.


You have to understand something, I never intended to leave Canada much less move to Japan. I had zero interest in Japan and I spoke no Japanese.


I tried to ignore the voice because it seemed so crazy! But try as I might, it wouldn’t shut up and within 6 months of hearing that voice, I had a job lined up and I had moved to Fukuoka, Japan. I had no idea what was in store for me but it was the start of an amazing journey.

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I’ve worked with Sofia since 2018 and seeing my growth and development with her guidance as been amazing. 2020 was a crazy year, not just with the pandemic, and I know my ability to ride the storm has been in part to all the things I’ve learned about and for myself through Sofia. 2021 is going to be amazing!

~ Paula, Malaysia



I created this group so women could have a safe place to explore and open up their woo. “Woo” is your inner voice, your intuition...your inner knowing, or 6th sense. 

Going through the world using only your 5 senses and ignoring the 6th means you are cut off from your own magic. By connecting with your intuition, you open up your life…. no longer just responding or reacting to life thinking you have no choices. Instead you know you create it!


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I offer a variety of packages. Some are designed to help solve a problem and others are designed to help transform your life.

I have been called a catalyst, a spiritual counselor, a teacher and a mentor. Through my unique approach I will help you to uncover any blocks you may have to change and growth, and so shift the energy that is holding you back from becoming exactly who you want to be.

"Sofia is an amazing, well-rounded, and talented coach. She creates an atmosphere of trust and love, which influences the whole group vibe, but also allows us to accept ourselves as we face some hard truths that come up as we dig into our sticky, messy parts! I could imagine no better person to lead me on the journey to self-love as Sofia and highly recommend her as a group and individual coach."

Suzette, Japan
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